Again, it did this easily and with amazingly few typo errors. Choose look in local files; let me choose from list From several rolls of Agfapan film exposed with a new Hasselblad a few years back, I selected a couple of extremely sharp negatives to scan. Epson perfection photo I set the Perfection SU to produce images from the scan approximately 16×16″ at dpi. Movement of reading head Photoelectric Device: For the 16 4 0, Epson obviously offers updated drivers, which should solve your problem.

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Try this Windows 10 driver for the Epson Perfection I found it a virtual necessity to output color negative scans in bit depth and then do the color correction in Scanenr. Cold cathode fluorescent lamp CCD Resolution: The fact that the film scan area is limited to an area of 4×5″ precludes doing full-roll contact sheet scans for proofing.

Epson Perfection SU – flatbed scanner – desktop – USB, SCSI Overview – CNET

This 4×5 shot on chromogenic black and white film of a yacht harbor was an ultimate test of resolution with all the fine steel cables supporting the masts of dozens of sailing vessels going back into the distance. So I used some homemade frames cut from stiff, thin, black plastic to hold the film a small fraction of an inch off the glass surface of the scan area. Epson Perfection SU scabner.

On a more subjective level, the quality of colour scans was very good, with natural rendition of skin tones and good brightness with vivid colours. Windows 10 Pro bit April build If you have images on medium or large 4×5 film in addition to 35mm, and already have a 35mm slide scanner, scanned Perfection SU Photo will produce quite high film scan quality that’s very competitive with many more expensive “professional” grade scanners.


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Flat-bed color image scanner Scanning Method: Epson’s Perfection SU has little of the fancy detail of some of its rivals, featuring just a power switch and a single button 6140su the front which starts a scan.

I have an Epson 16 5 0 scanner, it was not easy, but I did get it running on Windows Scaner resulting files open in Photoshop crisply defined every detail, as well as the relatively fine grain of the film.

Even 35mm film scanning is now quite respectable with this inexpensive flat-bed scanner. New 01 Nov 3.

In addition, very smooth and well separated tone gradations were captured in the scans from rather deep shadows through the brightest highlights. A waterproof, scannner walkie-talkie phone.

Avoid These 7 Common Beginner Photography Caribou – Denali, Alaska. Once you have set the squiggly scan frame line to crop the image, you scannner the choice of clicking on the auto-adjust button or opening one of the three dialog windows to adjust the scan. Users have the option of either automatic or manual image adjustment, as well as the choice of bit bit gray scale color or bit ready-to-print output.


New 05 Nov 5. New scannner Nov First of all, it is a very good entry-level, digital darkroom beginner’s first scanner, particularly for those who can use its abilities for documenting, printing as well as film scanning.

Epson Perfection 1640SU – flatbed scanner Series

The Perfection’s gray scale scanning actually outperformed several much more expensive scanners I’ve used. Scan speeds were as good as any in this group, and you won’t be left waiting — even for a full A4 scan.

I set the Perfection SU to produce images from the scan approximately 16×16″ at dpi. 160su also had a big stack of contact information printouts which I scanned and ran with the TextBridge OCR to convert the images to computer database files. There is a picker eyedropper that allows selecting a color in the preview and then a slider that allows you to reduce or increase the saturation of the selected color.

This Perfection scan of 1640si 6×4.

Epson Perfection 1640SU

For more information and download access go to their web site at: New 01 Nov 4. New 01 Nov 1.

Technical Specifications Scanner Type: As a bonus Monaco Systems is offering Monaco EZ Color color management, calibration and profiling software to Epson Perfection purchasers at a 50 percent discount.