So if you are playing a full screen game on Monitor 1 and only have your desktop up on monitor 2 with perhaps an IM program running or something like that , then the majority of the graphical power from both cards is used to render Monitor 1’s image, while almost no graphical power is wasted rendering the desktop on Monitor 2. No company will claim anything leaked is theirs, they won’t even talk about it. This topic is closed. Search in titles only Search in Software only Search. Login or Sign Up. Originally posted by y eye View Post.

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A full insight to NVIDIAs next Big Bang

They prefer smaller events. It is named by Dox. There is an nvidoa Geforce That picture is from a competition the background anyway. Originally posted by y eye View Post. Someone got a hold of the That had not occurred before and has not occurred since changing the driver. It is advertised by Dox and he is soliciting for money for his hack. Running SLi with multi-monitors is different. Until they claim it I remain scepitical, and believe it to be fake.

I put the following url at nviddia top of the ‘It’s a fake’ folder. Heck, Wu makes Pedobear looks like regular teddybear.


NVIDIA Series Driver with Multi-Monitor SLI Support Previewed | TechPowerUp

They aren’t officially released because someone at nVidia let these slip out into the public. Let’s not lose our heads here. Previous 1 2 3 4 template Next. It is written by Dox. By your logic the French version of Halo 2 available from torrent sites before the game was available was fake as well, simply because it wasn’t officially released. Needless to say nviria forums, and the front page got hacked, we since then have locked things nvidiz, and things appear to be better over all.

I’m not expecting a response, but I could be proven wrong. Originally posted by nviida View Post. There’s still no release date, but at least now there’s a prove that this driver is in development and will hopefully be ready before the end of this year.

If NVIDIA claims this hack and Dox is not on the payroll then look out that nidia open them to some fairly volatile negative suggestions, and it would look to me like the shills are running the show Search in titles only Search in Software only Search.

**NEWS** New NVIDIA 180.10 Drivers A.K.A "Big Bang II" Download!

So your two GTX’s will both be used to render the game. For all we know, this could be an early build and not implementing everything in the “Big Bang”. The performance is dynamicly spread across the screens when running in SLI. So if you have two GTX’s, and you are gaming on 180.0 1, and only have the desktop on monitor 2, then you are wasting an entire GTX to just render nvodia desktop.


Tuesday, October 16th For this, I make no apologies. We will know when the WHQL drivers are released.

Are you for sure on that? Then all of Card 1’s graphical power is used to runder Monitor 1’s image, and all of Card 2’s power is used to render Monitor 2’s image. I’m not doubting you, but did you read that somewhere, or are you speculating? 18010 apologize for not getting this up and done sooner. This means that if you have two monitors, you can play a full screen game using both of them.