Also order in the past free Ubuntu discs and keep them nowdays as the priceless artefact Ubuntu 5. Thank you Community for all the efforts. Do you get better performance after adding yourself to the video group? Calc is working fine. It requires an extra memory allocation the same size as a framebuffer, the occasional extra copy, and requires Damage tracking.

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Hi Ganesh, Thanks for your reply! Email required 945gmee never made public. It requires an extra memory allocation the same size as a framebuffer, the occasional extra copy, and requires Damage tracking. Available common properties include: Here is how you install the grub customizer: Status changed to Confirmed 3.

9455gme try the i build from here, http: When I use initial kernel – X exists, also if this resolution is applied wide on the system, there is no changes if I choose new kernel after reboot.

Thank you for the detailed explanation and your time for this issue.

945GME texturing performance

Thanks for that post Asch. Specify “off” or “none” to disable all acceleration, or “blt” to disable render acceleration and only use the BLT engine. Try adding the glasen ppa here to see if an updated intel driver makes any difference. Use the VideoRam option to change the default value. Did not auto resume pushed power button to resume. Quoting – Ganesh Intel One more question: Try using the latest version of Ubuntu Mate Betait may simply solve the problem for you?.


The ubunty is a comma separated string of output: Does not auto-resume, does not produce bug report. This bug affected me on my old Dell Mini 9. Enabled use hardware rotation Option “VSync” ” boolean ” This option controls the use of commands to synchronise rendering with the vertical refresh of the display.

Therefore, the VideoRam option, which in the past had been necessary to allow more than some small amount of memory to be allocated, is now ignored.

I recommend changing the estimate procedure as follows: Bugs like Launchpad and the instructions for Reverting the Jaunty Xorg intel driver to 2. Trying to open differnet Applications with 4.

Ubuntu MATE and Intel graphic card issue – Support & Help Requests – Ubuntu MATE Community

Hi Kal, On 19 October at If you set this option you must use it with all instances of the driver. It is a Boolean attribute with values of 0 never sync or 1 always sync. Tarmo Appelgren tarmo-appelgren wrote on Comment on this change optional.


I’m going to try to back out of here gracefuly Script questions [lp: Manual or first test in script does go to suspend, and power LED fades in and out as expected, but then nothing can bring it out of suspend. This is used by glXSwapBuffers to efficiently perform the back-to-front exchange at the end of a frame without incurring the penalty of a copy, or stalling the render 945gne the flip is performed asynchronrously to the render command stream by the display engine.

Test 4, had to manually press power button to comeback from sleep state. Hourly sleep consumption is then: These outputs cannot be assigned to the regular displays attached to the GPU, but do otherwise act as any other xrandr output and share a portion of the regular framebuffer.

Pawel Por porparek wrote on Bug present until I apply 9455gme fix” from this thread.