As it turns out the driver required for this card is now in the incompatible software folder recently created by Snow Leopard. No promises that this any of this will be the same for you, but here’s how the problem was corrected for me. I don’t know why this worked but it did. My son said it was kinda like Inception. It works fine but please bear in mind that it is not officially supported until Matrox release SL specific drivers. Hats off to Sonnet’s Customer Service guy Neal who did a fantastic international job of co ordinating that. FCP7 – Snow Leopard http:

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Helpful in some ways, but not completely. I downloaded the driver from Dynex too, with again no luck. No promises that this any of this will be the same for you, but lipn how the problem was corrected for me.

Can anyone tell me the procedure for uninstalling that driver which doesn’t function? Does it use the chipset as the SI card does?

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards : Apple Final Cut Pro Legacy

The board worked some of the time with 1 eSATA drive connected only. Might wait for those to come out but I am getting impatient running these 2Bigs on FW Mine are LaCie 2Bigs. Do you have any advice for me I tried to install by opening the package instalation of the driver alone that is successful for under the system tells me that it lacks the drivers for the raid controler and I doubt that is the face of conflict with the ACT lacie but I can not do experiments that I have seen work and above all with the Lacie I have always found it well because I have replaced a BigestS2 a month after the end of the guarantee with a Quadra 6TB by interpraise I wonder if it is such a fundamental change in Snow that Apple might not be of some help with this problem.


Install the right drivers SiI 1. From finding out liln hardware and software you own is compatible with OS Apkotek Mountain Lion to learning more about new features Apple has added to its apootek OS, OWC is the single source solution your need for all your information needs.

This next part sounds crazy, but this is how I got this configuration to work on two separate machines.

If you have the card icon on the menu bar, the problems may not be in the card. For months, no one had the answer, Lacie, digidesign, apple, friends and family. Mean people, xpiotek people suck. I haven’t woken up from my dream so far, but I’ll keep you posted as any news develop. For a while I was able to use my eSata express card to work with the external drive when in the 32 bit environment.

Thanks for your time John. I would assume it will be faster. Don’t let technology get in the way of your creativity! If you run older software or suspect a software program you use relies on Rosetta, check with the software manufacturer before upgrading.


However on installing that driver the response of the MacBook Pro was that now I cannot see my external disks at all. While not a part of the install, ,ion is still fully supported and can be downloaded from Adobe.

eSATA drivers and Mountain Lion

My backups are on the RAID system, silly me for using a redundant error-correcting system for my backups. Aah, you can’t hide from inflation. I have not seen the Kernel panic stuff happen – but again, the card isn’t showing up in Profiler either. It is however quite a bit more expensive.

Snow Leopard Incompatibility With Many eSATA Cards

When using other drivers suggested by Lacie, Neither machine worked properly. Okay, I just had the strangest experience FCP7 – Snow Leopard http: I installed the SI beta linked above.

Pulled that card and have been using them w the Firewire interface since. Don’t you have the CD that should come with the card?

I feel I was getting that with FW So I guess “they” are right – if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again!