Thanks for the quality information in a well presented article. I’m aware of all the re-sampling issues, the XP mixer kernel, device settings in Windows 7, etc. So, we made it easy, providing a single place for you to download lots of free software including: NwAvGuy January 17, at 8: Speaker and amp interaction generally only happens at higher listening levels where some amps run out of current, voltage, or their protection circuits are triggered. And here the tracking is still under 1 dB.

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Phase shift tests are normally only done on analog amps. The ‘s headphone output is, if I remember correctly, at least 22 ohms.

Mackie, for example was was forced to move their manufacturing to Asia, update their products, and radically drop their prices to stay in the game. The device itself does not have pre-amps for microphones or guitars, but if cua202 is used in conjunction with an analog audio mixer, it can form the basis for a low-cost home recording studio.

Burr Brown and the UCA here, impressively, nail it: Generally the line outs perform very similar to, or better, than the headphone output. Thanks a lot for doing all the measurements and sharing your results. Thanks for contributing so marvelously to the science side of audio gear reviews. The noise floor in the audible band is impressively clean.


More on the Way Update Location close. I also needed an external sound card for my laptop, since the quality of the integrated chip was not satisfactory. I would be very curious to know how and Ipod using an LOD would stack up to a dac like this. No buggy drivers required. Anyhow, what I’m really searching for is a DAC that will accept a coax or optical input from my pc and, yet, be able to decode any 5.

As well, the preamp in the component is top notch.

Behringer UCA202 Digital Recording Interface

Very interesting article as always, pleasure to read: How about even lower: I agree with you and I’ve revised my comments to hopefully be more accurate. The only real downsides are the output impedance and power. I bought one of these units with the intent of connecting it via optical out to a Benchmark DAC1. I believe it’s possible to spend a behringr less and not hear a difference in blind testing.

Comments may take anywhere from a few minutes to a few days to be approved. The UCA was quiet and never had behringr obvious distortion or sonic flaws.

Skip to main content. Personally, the only thing I would like to see is channel separation tests for the line output. Bejringer are my impressions after a month’s use. Very many thanks for the review.


Today, not surprisingly, Behringer has a lot more reasonably priced competition. Me and my soldering gun are looking forward to the results of your experiment.

They have in-house specialized design talent shared across their diverse products for everything from circuit board layout to injection molded enclosures. That would give me a decent headphone rig until I can afford more serious stuff in the future. The Behringer UCA fit the bill perfectly. Do you think UCA can do it? Are you meant to be able to derive an analog stereo output and an optical output from the USB port?

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If these are not a problem for your application, it might be an ideal solution. It’s not uncommon for DIYers to make things worse in a misguided attempt to improve their designs better. You are the bollocks