If you need help setting up your first tests, consider checking out some of my other blog posts on the subject. And add the javascript tag to our Cucumber feature files. RSpec will go on to the next test, but the Rails code is still running. To understand why your tests are failing unreliably and what you can do about it, you need to understand the concurrent architecture of a Capybara JS feature test as above, and these areas of potential race conditions. I’m testing a similar stack right now. The third one is: Learn more and download a free copy.

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In RSpec, we add a js: Most of the time Capybara is used in integration tests, e. The amount of time the Javascript takes to produce the expected change on the page can slightly or significantly differ each time you run the tests, with no code changes.

Your unreliable tests are probably because of one or both of these.

And similarly, in the main thread, moving from one rspec instruction do a click to another see if page body has content does not happen instantaneously. That should def make it easier to write reliable Capybara tests.

If you want to run all of your tests with Javascript javascripf, you can change the default driver in your env. The default maximum time Capybara waits for the expectation to be fulfilled can be configured in your test setup file. Previous Post A tiny gem: Both require the use of a driver that can run JavaScript.


5 Tips for More Effective Capybara Tests – Semaphore

Sign up using Email and Password. Rather than litter js: If only there were a real browser that we could run without the GUI! Do not do this.

You can use the library to drive JS, headless and Selenium, however it is missing the ‘capybara’ shared API between each of the different ‘worlds’.

One easy way of accomplishing this is to use PhantomJS via the Poltergeist gem. I’m testing a similar stack right now.

If you need help setting up your first tests, consider checking out some of my other blog posts on the subject. But Rspec, Capybara, DatabaseCleaner, and Poltegeist have all had at least some known concurrency issues generally with how they all relate to each other in the past.

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Capybara-webkit is also headless and relies on QtWebKit to render pages. However, for matching, the behavior changes depending on if Capybara. Tests that fail only when run as part of the entire test suite, but not when run individually. Another thread in that process is started to run your Rails app in it, to run the simulated browser actions against — this behavior depends on your Capybara driver, but I think all the drivers that support Javascript do this, all drivers but the default: Sign In You must be logged in to comment.


The test framework waits for the ensuring response, and sees if it contains what was expected. Michelle Tilley k 30 I’m a London based Ruby consultant. Using Selenium means that your tests will be running using Firefox. My app-in-hand had some attempts in these directions, but even figuring out if they were working especially for Angular was non-trivial. There are four built in methods. Here are the Ubuntu commands to install xvfb and additional fonts to get rid of some warnings.

This hack is intentionally breaking that.

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There are some slight syntactic differences between the way Poltergeist and Selenium handles separate windows, but other than that they are extremely similar.

Is there a capybara for Node. We get almost all the speed of being headless with Rack::