Provide a detailed technical and commercialization plan demonstrating a credible path toward a commercial product. In addition, relocatable sensors need to be packaged into remote delivery systems that transport the sensor to staging positions tens of kilometers km forward of controlled spaces [1]. Several technical barriers must also be overcome for large scale production including, but not limited to, variations in the gas flow kinetics, substrate material, and control of other environmental conditions. The system should not add more than one pound of aircraft weight per occupant. A network of low cost UWB radars can be used to form a C-UAS perimeter around an area in order to prevent swarming enemy UAS platforms from penetrating and operating in the airspace above the protected area. Key functional characteristics, of the relocatable sensor include autonomous launch and landing in denied spaces, autonomous recharging, navigation, obstacle avoidance, small size, and attitude control for ISR operations. The innovation should be unobtrusive for crew use and not require any additional human interaction from the crew or other personnel, to use.

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A final need for AM of RF components is research into the areas of conductive inks. AM filaments with dielectric constants greater than 4 are not commercially available. Cyber range events often compromise Information Assurance IA requirements.

Demonstrate the effectiveness of the developed concepts in laboratory tests in anechoic chamber and provide prototypes for tests subjecting them to high levels of EMI and EMP. Conduct a sensitivity analysis of the system capabilities against the payload SWAP restrictions to inform decisions on matching payloads to specific UAS platforms and missions.

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Conductive inks can achieve conductivity of five to ten times less than bulk copper, but require sintering at temperatures above degrees Celsius [18]. The mobility of imaging ground sensors on the battlefield is a major challenge for the next generation of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance ISR sensors.

The innovation should be unobtrusive for crew use and not require any additional human interaction from the crew or other personnel, to use. Demonstrate the ability to quickly adjust the target set and DRCI taxonomy as selected by the operator. Develop an innovative local position and orientation coordinate referencing system for establishing a referencing system for target designation, for use by fixed and mobile weapon platforms, for guidance and control of smart and guided projectiles, and for other applications in which GPS is currently being used.


By combining sensor-based, data driven navigation and efficient continuous remapping, this effort could realize a scalable, sustainable, and deliverable representation of any environment and enable important new capabilities in autonomous navigation and intelligent tactical maneuvering. Develop a conceptual design for a system that maximizes the deposition rate. Enhance the initial cdmw into a high fidelity advanced system that will allow fit check, testing, qualification, and retrofit into selected aircraft crashworthy seat systems.

Additional development in the areas of payload integration and Human-Machine Interface HMI may be required to develop a complete system solution. Then the system should be able to match the current sensor-derived ground truth obtained by the UAS sensors to the streamed 3D representation, also cz-03 real time, to enable instant, on-demand access to timely and detailed 3D data for analysis, mission planning, mission rehearsal, and battle damage assessment.

First, because the 3D geospatial cvma sets are so large, it can be difficult to transmit and maintain them over bandwidth and latency constrained networks using conventional data delivery approaches.

Signal Processing 84 Commercial and military applications should be addressed and targeted. Current Army, DoD, and civilian capabilities for site exploration missions in urban-suburban areas, especially reconnaissance and rescue operations, are inaccurate,heavy, expensive, dangerous, and time consuming. A common mantra in our research is a desire for a BLUFOR trainee who is the subject of a cyberattack to have the ability to react, make decisions to affect the effects of the attack, and, in certain scenarios, conduct a counter attack to affect the OPFOR.

Deliver 2 systems to ARL for testing to validate that the system is capable of meeting the specified performance.

Develop a system design that includes requirements, specifications, operational training concept, interface designs, and graphical interfaces. Determine minimum and maximum attainable FPA resolution in a given process fabrication technology. The technology has been widely used and exported by the United States in various places around the globe.


The company will set up a support service for both existing and new users capable of addressing installation issues and correcting bugs.

DoD 2018.1 SBIR Solicitation

The innovation should include bmv to optimize cs-30 generated from multiple resources. This can be accomplished by 1 implementing the technique from Phase I to stream massive 3D data sets of previously obtained 3D maps of the urban terrain to the UAS navigational system in real time, 2 implementing the technique from Phase I to match sensor-derived ground truth to the streamed 3D representation, also in real time, and 3 incorporating the above into a single software system.

Deliverables include a demonstration of prototype operation, formal test report, and comprehensive test and analysis results. The final product should be able to rapidly deploy itself and then autonomously identify and move to an optimum location, where it performs ISR tasks, and then redeploys and recharges. Identify, develop and test combustible polymeric materials for small arms polymer cartridge case applications. Develop and test lightweight combustible case materials and designs for small arms ammunition to reduce weight without sacrificing ballistic performance and long-term reliability.

The commercialization of the plasma reactor for the manufacture of extended solids would be pervasive.

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A fully flexible ROIC design will offer a combination of digital programmable features, interchangeable fabrication mask-subsets, and different reticle exposure options to accommodate various photo detector materials in a scalable FPA.

Develop documentation for a proposal for the solution for phase 2 consideration.

Projects where the chip can be implemented to verify design includes the Next Generation Proximity Sensor program. Force and Beyond – The U.