The classic EPIAs in Windows support VGA video resolutions of x, x, x in 16 or 32 bit colour and x and x in 16 bit colour. After groping around the XFree sources for the CLE I discovered a bios call to select which output device s to enable, and have added a call to that function to turn on the standard console. You might want to arrange a null modem serial cable for connecting this serial port to a second computer running a terminal emulation program. Privacy policy About coreboot Disclaimers. However it is currently implemented as a zeroed table. You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications.

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Download the latest code for corebootv2 from the downloads page at: See full activity log. Our picture shows just how difficult it is to photograph a TV. The bios saviour includes a second flash rom chip, and either of these chips can be selected as the active chip by a simple supplied electrical switch mounted on flying leads.

Buttay cyril-buttay wrote on Click ‘Apply’ and the TV will display again. More cases are coming, with plenty of flavors appropriate for everything from home theater systems to business desktops. What’s important to remember here is that the EPIA-M integrates all of its peripherals into significantly less board real estate than most motherboards. Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the dpia details without first throwing This has meant some minor changes in mtrr.


There are other areas which I consider ‘hackish’, in particular the setting up of the cardbus bridge. July 14, The “Moo Cow Moo”. I struggled for some time getting the VGA bios to work properly, as others on the mailing list seem to epiz also.

Steam names the best-selling games of Remote bug watches ubuntu-bugzilla Edit Bug watches keep track of this bug in other bug trackers.

ComputerSphere – mounting the VIA Epia M motherboard – Travis’ Blog

A value of 5 means the best possible rating. Select the TV so that a blue line goes around it and then tick the box next to it.

The next step is to create the build environment for the epia-m. August 31, The “Janus Project”. Of course, the performance of its previous Epix processors, which were based on the “Ezra” core, left much to be desired.

And you can benefit from reports other customers are giving. The FADT mostly describes the power management unit, and eipa declared in fadt. Comment on this change optional. August 13, The “Quiet Cubid”.

I’ve always assumed that one day it would be replaced with proper autodetection – a job for someone with access to the appropriate documentation i. I have created a new superio device for the vt, which sets up the hardware monitor, com ports, lpt and fdc.


Neither the author of this HOWTO or any organisation or individual associated with the corebootv2 project can be held responsible for any adverse consequences of your attempt to follow these procedures.

It is possible to enhance this behaviour to provide the full capabilities of the original BIOS, which includes different sleep levels and wake from these levels upon certain events.


I use ‘microcom’ which is simple and allows all output to be captured into a file for later analysis. Show Random How to submit your project. May 13, The “Bender PC”. These levels range from 0 to 9 with 0 being the least verbose and 9 being the most verbose.

Now peia is this board offering you?

Bug # “Blank screen with vga= (via epia M)” : Bugs : Ubuntu

Retrieved vgs ” https: The DSDT describes the interrupt routing and power management capabilities of devices, and is what Linux uses for interrupt routing if it can. April 14, The “Digg” Case.

In particular look at the line:.