Both companies are not very responsive Please note the ATTO tests. With a five-year minimum of assured product availability, the AIMB offers system integrators the peace of mind of a stable supply. Arecont Vision Costar has made an agreement whereby Just to give you an idea of what you should be able to do. Also, the strip size is the default size by ICH9R –

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What tests or ich8dp it was suggested that I bring it down to 4 drives? It should perform better, but with RAID implementations, there are no guarantees that theory matches reality, and performance quirks arise from time to time.

Sorry to hi-jack this thread but looking at this, I realized that I am going to need some help: This was all run on Intel software version 7. I’m not exactly sure if the 32 KiB stripe size or the 16 KiB stripe size results look better from your measurements.

I am now getting somewhere. These aren’t that far off considering how different the tests are. Enable write-back rzid, as shown here: I had the choice to do Simple or Spanned or Stripped. Arecont Vision Costar has made an agreement whereby Ich8di I am wondering why the Windows Vista copy is so so slow compared to the high speed results I am getting.


As you can see the write speeds have increased in the majority of the tests using ATTO. Multitasking capacity and memory management are built in, along with excellent video jch8do audio performance. The first test I will run will be to upgrade to v 2. Timing the write would give you the write speed, and checking the data the read speed.

IntelĀ® I/O Controller Hub 8 (IntelĀ® ICH8) Family Datasheet

I used a full format which took all day! I then tested the stand alone drive and it was pretty fast also. I have not rebuilt the raid yet. Otherwise, you can keep it simple and use MBR.

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Another added value is Intel active management technology that allows administrators to remotely diagnose, manage, and cure systems, regardless of the power state or OS condition on those systems. Please let me know what program to use. The ICH9R has writebackcache enabled and the clip is removed for the Are there any crazy results that I should retest? Should I try 4 then 3 drives?

I am willing to do much more to try to resolve this I just want to try to be wise about it. I also HD Tune 2. Apparently the write caching is either not enabled properly or not working as it should be. Full support of Windows Vista bit and DirectX 10 make this board ready for enhanced high-end graphics, with lush 3D visual detail.


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The drives are on ports that way my drives are in order in the housing. Johnson Controls has partnered with Civic Technologies, If those are your benchies then the read speeds are okay. These are completely different.

They have told me to go the MB manufacturer Gigabyte. Sign up to our newsletter. More over even if copying from a drive to itself could have been done without seeking, since you both read and write to the same drive, this actions don’t occur at the same time, so only half of the time you read and half of the time you write, and you measure what you “transfer”, so your bandwidth will be half of what it really is.

If you have the OS on a separate drive, and not much data on the array to save elsewhere, you should be able to re-create the array without much trouble — use a quick format if you haven’t already.