Needs programmable function buttons. I had no problems with the app. Approximately 30 inches from the back wall, with a slight toe-in. THESE blow the passive’s away and will cost you so much less. On my right speaker I really don’t know what it is I’m seeing.

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Little did we know what havoc that little trick would wreak wirdless our poor ears over the next twenty years. After tweaking everything to get the perfect balance, here are my thoughts on sound quality The remote just has an “input” button, instead of having each individual input have its own button.

I compared the audio quality, of my Chord Hugo output going into intslligence RCAs to wireless sound and for me it is very similar.

A majority of people buy notebooks for business use which requires a lot of typing and mouse movement. For now I’ll increase the star rating from 1 to 3 stars, because they really do sound amazing!

They sound lt, just like the last pair. Mpbile Drive Cloud storage from Amazon. I had no problems with the app, playing with DSP settings, or streaming music. I find myself forgoing these for the TV speakers on “background noise” shows, simply because the controls are so squishy. Hi, Greg from KEF here. If not in the mobile app – perhaps a desktop version?


Customer reviews

The connectivity is a ls500a though. The hard drive, when spinning up, is quite an audible sound, but this only happens every so often. The LS50W outperforms multiple component systems costing hundreds if not thousands of dollars more and that performance is owed in large part to the on-board DSP.

Also they have gotten almost universal praise from every reviewer when it comes to sound quality. The Problems though all seem to be APP related as it is perfect wired. The LS50 wireless is very much a high fidelity system in an incredibly small package and I think I could not assemble this quality anyway else Using high end components at this price!

The manufacturer commented on this review What’s this? Ignoring the “cons” mentioned below, the LS50 is a true gem! Let’s start with the good news.

People who value convenience and want a standalone speaker system should be well served by this. If I can get a pair that sounds great, looks great, and doesn’t give me errors they would definitely be moble stars like my passive LS50’s.

LG LSS Product Support :Manuals, Warranty & More | LG U.A.E

By the early s processors proficient at data manipulation and calculation became common-place. The active versions have a slight orange peel texture to the gloss. With this flexibility I was able to get the LS50W sound to my liking.


Anyways, I’ll update you all when I get the new pair. You can set up the speakers with the back panel, and how I use these is with my Sonos base station going into wireleess speakers via an Audioquest Diamond optical cable.

On my new left speaker there is paint lacking in the crack between the speaker body and the front composite bezel. Minor improvements would have been liked but no one can have it all. Take some time with your new LS50Ws and experiment with each setting. Learn more about Amazon Prime.

Make of that what you will. About the app, yeah Both speakers were tested on IsoAcoustic Aperta stands.