In the case of my v4. I finally called up Linksys support and got step by step help from them. Remove From My Forums. Too busy and broke for that adventure! This is however not a great solution. The link you provide is broken. I use,d everything on the list just adapted it for my 64XP pro OS and it worked great.

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Windows should now install the driver and you should be able to connect to your network. They have been tested by others that have downloaded them and reported back to me. Select – Browse My Computer for driver software 6. I have the same problem, I have win Xp Skinny Pirate you rock my world.

Thanks for providing the Link I am not sure that how you got 64 bit drivers for WMP54G Thank you as I have been fighting this for months.

WMP54G not recognized in Win XP Pro 64 – Linksys Community

I’d hate to have to go back to XP until Linksys manages to put out some drivers for their products, but it’s not looking good here. Go to Railink website I http: It works because I don’t use the Linksys drivers but the W,p54g drivers. Thanks again for the information above.


Can you update it? Obviously throw on a flash drive if you are downloading from another computer. I spent a few calls amp54g tech support, and they still seem to just go liksys ‘sorry, we dont support XP x So you must take this extra step install the driver I finally called up Linksys support and got step by step help from them. Here’s how I did it: Railink is the manufacturer of the chip itself I have been told.

Anybody who knows about driver signing and would like to help out?

The link you provide is broken. Glad you posted that updated URL so soon.

I know this seems like a lot of work but once you attempt this process you will see that it is very easy and straight forward. Windows Vista Hardware https: Remove From My Forums. Thanks for helping me fix this.

WMP54G not recognized in Win XP Pro 64

They still provide the drivers somewhere on their site. Message 7 of 14 15, Views.


Hi there I tried this exactly and my system freezes every time, I have to manually reboot in safe mode to remove the install. Message 4 of linskys 24, Views. I download these drivers and I installed them one after the other but it dosen’t work for me, I mean my Win still doesn’t find the proper drivers for my card.

WMP54G Compatibility with XP 64-bit?

Search for “WMP54G v4. I’d like to mention that the Ralink website no longer exists since their merger with MediaTek.

I had to use the second driver in the “2L Conceptronic ” list. It was great advise. Do you have any suggestions about how to solve this problem?