Home Driver Scan Messageboard. Broadcom Widcomm Bluetooth Software and Drivers. I will check out your suggestions. The behavior remains the same. Broadcom Bluetooth Driver Sonix version 5.

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Bluetooth Driver, Lenovo K This software is not for this system, contact DELL for support. I followed these instructions and it has been working so far quite well.

In Vista must install a driver to get the necessary Bluetooth profiles to listen to audio. Works without doing step 1 — at least for me. Windows and A2DP has not been friendly for me.

Bluetooth for Windows – WIDCOMM – Motorola USB Bluetooth Device Drivers Download

It’s streaming music excellently over a Blue Music Streamer. Funny to download a driver from Gateway to fix a Dell laptop.

Broadcom Bluetooth Driver version 6. Check the Microsoft Windows 7 Hardware Support page. I’m checking the manual right now to see motorolaa I can find anything. How can I make it work?


WNC Bluetooth Driver version 5. The Broadcom file did not work for me though it updated the Bluetooth software.

How do I play audio through a Bluetooth headset in Windows 7? – Super User

Steve Rowe 3, 2 20 Hope those tips helps Cheers: Install it and restart the computer to start using the Widcoomm headset. Blue Tooth Driver. Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate V5. Bluetooth Driver, Lenovo B Broadcom Bluetooth Driver, Y Home Driver Scan Messageboard.

No problems with the install, but everything doesn’t function to full capacity so I downloaded the Broadcom update compatible with Vista and Windows 7 and as it was installing, the bluetooth device was recognized and then as it was gathering device information it stops with the error “Cannot find Microsoft Wkdcomm Stack please restart and retry”.

The headset did work under Vista just fine, it is Windows 7 that is not working.

DriverMax – Bluetooth for Windows – WIDCOMM – Motorola USB Bluetooth Device Drivers Download

Broadcom Bluetooth Driver, G I will be upgrading to Win 7 soon on the free upgrade program but don’t see much change coming even with that. By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. Dell Wireless Bluetooth Minicard, v. There are drivers for bluetooth the transport layer and then there are drivers for the bluetooth audio profile support.


I’ve tried both the Dell drivers as well as letting Windows install what it thinks it needed, neither track worked. Bluetooth with Enhanced Data Rate software.

Uninstall any Bluetooth software you might have installed, then install the driver from Dell yes, the versionbut here’s the kicker, install it as an Administrator! I finally got it to work! The link stopped working. Peter Mortensen 8, 16 61